PerCoBa Colostrum Products by Immuno-Dynamics

Immuno-Dynamics, Inc. is the first and still only company to use solely the first single milking after calving in every batch, every day. Each batch is verified to have a protein (think bio-actives) to lactose (milk sugar) ratio of ≥ 3.7 to 1 as is described in the often referenced “Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry”. Our competitors’ products cannot match this definitive measure of milking number post calving and time frame of collection.

Why do some marketers of colostrum products claim to use 1st milking six hour colostrum but not provide it?

  • There is a limited supply of first milking collected within six hours
  • It requires greater expense in handling
  • Requires more source herds
  • The raw colostrum costs more

Here is a link to a summary report on our colostrum from work performed at Cornell University between approximately 1997 and 2006. Among other information it provides a description of the consistency of Immuno-Dynamics PerCoBa product. I personally produced the 1st milking products described herein. This report is the property of Immuno-Dynamics, Inc.

If you want true 1st Milking Bovine ColostrumTM products, Immuno-Dynamics is both the standard and the source. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.


Mark Burton

Cornell Work Summary