About Us

Fennimore, WI just after completion in 2005

Our Products:

• Are sourced from Southwest Wisconsin family farms (grade A dairies). Over 50% of our herds are less than 85 cows. We produce our own colostrum products in our Southwest Wisconsin facility and are directly accountable for your satisfaction.

• Are produced with colostrum from mature cows. Older cows produce better colostrum on average than heifers (heifers are cows that have just had their first calf).

• Contain the most source dairies used in every batch (small herds and first milking only produce less raw material per farm). This creates a greater range of immunological experience from the donar cows yet at the same time maximizes consistency from batch to batch. Our average production batch contains colostrum from over 40 source herds and will not contain less than 15. Some companies produce colostrum batches from a single dairy herd.

• Are processed using equipment and conditions highly refined over 35 years of dedication to preserving the value of colostrum. Our facility is USDA, FDA, and DATCP inspected.

• Use Only 1st milking 6 hour colostrum, every batch, every day

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Our Story

Richard Cockrum, DVM in his clinic circa 1966

What started out as an idea in the mind of Dr. Richard Cockrum in the '50s, grew into a business in the 80's and an industry leader in the new millennium. Working side by side with Dr. Cockrum, Mark Burton has developed colostrum processes and products for the past 30 years and now carries on his stepfather's vision and passion.

Quality materials, superior handling and gentle processes are the trademark and passion of Immuno-Dynamics. Since its inception, Immuno-Dynamics, makers of PerCoBa, is known worldwide as the standard and source for superior colostrum. For more information, please visit colostrum.com.