Bovine Colostrum Supplements and Immune System Function

Everyone wants to feel their best. Colostrum supplements improve your immune system and overall health so that you can feel better more often. It is the most researched natural product of the last quarter century.

Daily use of high quality 1st Milking Bovine Colostrum has been shown to:

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  • Increase your own antibody production. Antibodies help prevent entry of harmful agents and also identify them so the rest of your immune system responds if they do enter your body. *See Reference Articles*
  • Decrease the absorption of toxins by promoting mucosal and digestive health. *See Reference Articles*
  • Improve the non-antibody dependent (innate) immune system which identifies your own body (self) from foreign agents (non self), calls in help to fight the intruder and stops the fight to prevent excessive damage and inflammation. Not correctly determining self from/non self is the basis of autoimmune conditions. *See Reference Articles*

The mechanisms are complex and their understanding changes rapidly. But most importantly, the evidence of health improvements is compelling and so are the results!


Recommended PerCoBa Colostrum Supplements for better Immune System function

Colostrum Lozenges for daily immune system improvement for most people.
Liquid Colostrum for acute or chronic conditions.
Colostrum Powder for digestive system healing, inflammation reduction and protection

Recommended Dosage:
2 - 4 daily
Liquid .75 - 3 grams (½ - 2 tsp) per day
Powder: 1.5 - 3 grams (1 - 2 tsp) twice per day

PerCoBa Colostrum Lozenges PerCoBa Colostrum Liquid Whey PerCoBa Colostrum Powder


Reference Articles

Please read these articles for more detailed information about the positive effects of colostrum supplements for the function of your immune system.

Increase your own antibody production.

Decrease the absorption of toxins

Improve the non-antibody dependent (innate) immune system


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