Colostrum Products by PerCoBa

Improve your digestive health, support your immune system and gain an extra edge in physical performance.  Immuno-Dynamics is not just the retailer of PerCoBa products, we are the producer and directly accountable for the integrity of our claims and your satisfaction.

Colostrum Lozenges by PerCoBa

CODE: P100


Colostrum is more efficiently absorbed when in contact with mouth tissues, so PerCoBa created this pleasant tasting lozenge.

**You can also give our lozenges to your pet to help keep them healthy just like you**

Share with friends and family for better health all year round 3 bottles for $14.95 each.

Extra Edge Whole Colostrum Powder x PerCoBa 250 gram

CODE: P250


Extra Edge is the most potent and cost effective product for promoting gastro intestinal health and athletic performance/recovery. When first exposed to the mouth tissues before swallowing it simultaneously supports your immune system. 

For advanced use consider buying three 250 gram jars (1.65 lbs) @ $49.95 each

Extra Edge Whole Colostrum Powder x PerCoBa 150 gram

CODE: P150


A smaller container of our #1 selling product.

PerCoBa Colostral Whey

CODE: P200


Colostrum Liquid is a stronger version of the first product ever produced by Immuno-Dynamics. As knowledge of proline rich peptides and other fractions has grown it makes sense why this product is the choice of clients with advanced health needs.

Other uses:

Apply lightly to cuts, burns and abrasions.

Gargle three times per day at first indication of a “scratchy throat”.

120 ml bottle @ $19.95

3 bottles @ $16.95 each

Emma J Colostrum Skin Cream

CODE: P1100


The anti-aging and rejuvenating properties of colostrum for topical use in a non-greasy and easily absorbed cream. Also contains vitamins A and E along with helianthus annuss (sunflower) seed, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed and lavendula afficinalis (lavender) oils. Apply lightly to hands, neck and face. Other uses include irritating skin conditions.

50 ml jar @ $22.95      

Purchase 3 @ $19.95 each and share this popular product with friends. They will love it!

Fit & Fresh (TM) Portable Drink Mixer

CODE: P800


A great tool for putting powders into solution for those who like to drink their colostrum.

$7.00 each max two per customer