PerCoBa Colostral Whey

PerCoBa Colostral Whey

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Colostrum Liquid is a stronger version of the first product ever produced by Immuno-Dynamics. As knowledge of proline rich peptides and other fractions has grown it makes sense why this product is the choice of clients with advanced health needs.

Other uses:

Apply lightly to cuts, burns and abrasions.

Gargle three times per day at first indication of a “scratchy throat”.

120 ml bottle @ $19.95

3 bottles @ $16.95 each

Immune Support Anti-Aging

Kate said:
I first used the liquid when I had a terribly sore throat in the weeks before my daughter's wedding. The week of, I still couldn't shake it. So I took 3 tablespoons of the liquid for 3 days and my sore throat was finally gone. Anytime I feel a sore throat or a cold coming on, I use the liquid and it's gone before it fully starts. I would recommend it to anyone!

Paul said:
Paul called to tell us that he uses the liquid colostrum for ANY skin irritation. He's been a customer since 2003 and he uses it for hang nails to keep them from getting infected, any sores in his mouth, rashes, any scrapes--and "even pimples". He said he previously used an antibiotic ointment for these problems, but finds that the liquid colostrum works better. He likes the fact that he can use it internally in his mouth and externally with no worries. He wants people to know that he applies it a few times during the day and especially at night and sees results by morning.