PerCoBa Colostrum Lozenges

Colostrum Lozenges by PerCoBa

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Colostrum is more efficiently absorbed when in contact with mouth tissues, so PerCoBa created this pleasant tasting lozenge.

**You can also give our lozenges to your pet to help keep them healthy just like you**

Share with friends and family for better health all year round 3 bottles for $14.95 each.

Immune Support Anti-Aging

Debra G said:
I have been using the Percoba lozenges for about 7 months now. My immune system is amazingly better, and what a remarkable difference it has made with my allergies this spring. If I feel a cold coming on, I increase the number I take per day (I typically take 2 per day) for a few days and I don't get the cold. It's helped with my energy level during the day which in turn means I sleep well at night. I've tried so many different things and have always quit taking them after the first 1 month supply. After 7 months now, I just ordered my next 2 months.

J Nelson said:
I began using the PerCoBa lozenges in late winter/early spring and while others around me were suffering from cold and flu symptoms, I remained healthy. I now plan to put the PerCoBa lozenges to the test once again as I begin training for a 10 mile race/obstacle course coming up in July.

Carol W. said:
I love the Percoba lozenges. Since taking the Percoba regularly for the last two months, I have experienced a boost in my immune system. I have had a lifetime struggling with allergies and this being the beginning of the allergy season, I have remained healthy!