Dee Canfield said:
PerCoBa has helped me to stay healthy this winter. When I learned of it, I decided to try this, instead of a flu shot. So far, so healthy. Also, I have dramatically increased my exercise capabilities in the last couple of months, which is very exciting. I will be 69 years old in four days and I feel better than when in my 40's. This is due to a variety of factors, but I can say that PerCoBa has perked up my life.


Gentry McGrath, 42 (Triathlete, Cyclist, Runner - Chiropractor) said:
I hate being sick and tired, because when I am, it keeps me from my work, my training, and enjoying my family time. As a health care provider, I work with people all day long, as well, I have a child who is exposed to every illness that is brought to school by other students. Since taking Percoba, I have not suffered from any illness. Percoba is easy to use and has become part of my daily nutritional regime. It allows me to train hard day after day.


Cindy said:
I am impressed by your company's desire to provide such personalized service! Thanks for your help... I never expected the response I have gotten from you and your company...we have ordered many, many different supplements in our quest to find an answer to this and believe other company has ever, ever done anything other than fill the order.


Carmen Steen said:
The best Christmas gift I ever received was colostrum. I had been sick for many years with a rare disease called mixed connective tissue disease. It caused my hands and fingers to swell all the time, many joint and muscle pains and severe tiredness. I was visiting a family member on Christmas Eve years ago and they gave me some PerCoBa Colostrum to take and more to take home. I took more before going to bed and slept well. When Christmas morning arrived, I knew something was different about me. I felt so good and energized and the swelling in my hands was completely gone and so was the pain. My Mom was amazed and my doctor could hardly believe his eyes. I am now in remission and I continue to take the colostrum and will do so for the rest of my life to stay well. I am so grateful to Immuno-Dynamics for producing such a safe and natural product.


TM said:
When I was introduced to PerCoBa in March, 2011 I was in the midst of several significant projects. These demand a great deal of attention and often end putting me on the medical shelf with the flu. I began taking PerCoBa and much to my surprise, I never fell ill after the projects were completed. When I needed to be at my best, PerCoBa was there! I would highly recommend PerCoBa to everyone! Its a great product that's good for you! Thank you Immuno Dynamics!


Carey Miller said:
Thank you so much for the colostrum shipment. It does wonders for my allergies. I really appreciate how quickly it got here.


Dave S. said:
Just wanted to tell you folks at Percoba how much I am enjoying your products. for years I've had several intestinal issues that I've been unable to get control over. I've tried fiber, enzymes and probiotics with some relief, but when I took your lozenges for about 2 weeks I noticed an improvement. I'm taking the powder now and I can't get over how much improved I am. I have more sustained energy throughout the day, and I'm sleeping better also! thanks Percoba.


Ilia Poznak said:
Just emailing to give some feedback on the product. What a great product your company has - the taste is amazing and I've noticed some differences at 4 scoops daily already. I've tried other colostrum products and yours outperforms the others by far - you can really taste the difference!


MZ said:
Thank you one and all for the cream samples and the good wishes. Thank you, Julie and Mark, for all your advice and encouragement.


Carl Nolan said:
I have been struggling of late but things are once again settling down. As an aside I did a few tests over the past week and found that during the worst time:
2gms Percoba gave me 4 hours of relief.
3gms Percoba gave me 6 hours of relief
3gms Sovereign gave me 4 hours of relief
As you can see Percoba gave me an additional 50% of relief (along the lines of 60% bio-availability that you mentioned; actually 65 :).
It also means that the LD coating did nothing to assist absorption. PerCoBa all the way! *** Carl suffers from MMN***


Mary lee Byk said:
Gee! Thanks so much for your caring kindness! It is really appreciated! The service is so speedy! I had it the next day! Stay healthy and happy!


Selena said:
That's what I like about companies who are generous with their explanations on their products. There are so few like yours! Especially for supplements...we (customers) need assurances all the time as it deals with our life! You have mentioned to me about customer satisfaction and I totally believe you have exceeded expectations. I've already given you's that for customer satisfaction? You have done truly well! Thank you!!


Ron said:
My wife is a registered nurse and I am a professional trainer. We have spent a greater portion of our lives studying and participating in the health industry. Although there are many supplements vitally important to maintaining a healthy body and mind, we cannot think of one that is more beneficial to the entire physical structure than colostrum. Through the years we have tested many brands and have come to believe with 100% certainty that IMMUNO-DYNAMICS produces the highest quality of colostrum products on the market today. We absolutely love them and so do our clients. Thank you very much for your quality, concern and contribution to the health industry.


Carmen - North Carolina said:
Carmen called to say "I have lupus and colostrum works better than any medicine for me".


Shawn Sullivan, 48 (Triathlete, Runner, Fitness Trainer) said:
As an ageing Athlete and Fitness Professional maintaining proper immune health during heavy blocks of training & racing can be quite a challenge. One of the biggest areas of concern for me is protecting my body's Immune System during in those hard training sessions. The 2nd need is to ensure that I have adequate energy stores that are available for high output racing or training. Fending off Cold and Flu symptoms while working in a public fitness environment would have to be my third concern. A bunch of my training happens in the winter and not in very favorable weather conditions. It is easy to run yourself down and become susceptible to fatigue or illness. I can honestly say that with the use of PERCOBA extra I'm able to train harder and tolerate larger workloads and my body recovers quicker! Thank You!


Debra Giesen - Platteville, WI said:
Hi All! I have been using Percoba for approx 2 years now. Who needs a dangerous flu vaccine when you can take this product to boost your immune system. What else? I use it for chronic sinus problems that dr's have been able to do nothing for over the years.


Gene Wainwright, 45 (Cyclist, Track & Road) said
Immediately after I began using Percoba, I noticed a jump in my energy levels. I was able to train harder & longer, & felt like I recovered more quickly. I also felt better rested when I woke up in the morning. Great product, thanks Percoba!


Cory Mccord, 28 (Triathlete, Runner) said:
I'm what you might call a weekend warrior, working 40 hours a week on my feet while still managing a 20 hour a week triathlon training schedule. This being said, I don't have much time to put my feet up and really recover the way I should. I feel that Percoba Powder really helps allow me to train and race at my best. I take two large scoops in the morning before training, two at lunch and after my last session of the day, I take two scoops before I go to bed. Also, I deal with 200+ people a day in close quarters and have found the immune system boost that Percoba gives me really makes it all worth it.


Marci Vandevoorde said:
My family loves this product. My two year old passes everyone their "circle vitamin."


Bethany Hauf - South Carolina said:
Bethany called to tell us that she tried PerCoBa Colostrum at the advice of her doctor. She was having digestive problems and was getting sick a lot. She went to many doctors who were unable to help her (she was having diarrhea 3-4 times per week, sometimes 3-4 times per day). After using PerCoba for 2 weeks, this problem totally cleared up. She also wants people to know that it's easy to take. She uses the liquid and "chases" it with grape juice.


Scott K said:
I have tried another brand of Colostrum, it actually received awards. But, I don't believe it helped my digestion. It was slightly irritating as well. My experience with Percoba lozenges has been positive. I have taken 3 and swallowed them on many occasions and it relieved my bowel slowness. Great product.


Sheila K. said:
Sheila called to let us know that she has been taking the Percoba Colostrum Powder for a year and continues to experience benefits. She says it has helped with irritable bowel problems. When she started taking the powder she was "entering into colitis", but that has also ceased. She thinks the combination of Percoba colostrum powder and yogurt has really helped.