Colostrum for Athletes

Athletic performance, endurance, and recovery are improved by including colostrum supplements in the daily diet. PerCoBa 1st Milking Colostrum Powder is the choice of high school through world class athletes. If you are looking for natural health supplements to improve your stamina, endurance and lean muscle mass, try PerCoBa Colostrum, the original and best quality colostrum supplement on the market.

There are at least six ways athletes benefit by including colostrum dietary supplements:

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  • Recovery post workout is the ability to get back to your training regimen sooner after every workout. Not only does this decrease soreness but over time improves performance. *See Reference Articles*
  • Athletic performance improvements of 2-5% as measured by strength and speed are attainable in many sport situations. These include lifting, running, jumping and cycling. *See Reference Articles*
  • Body Composition (lean mass) is increased. *See Reference Articles*
  • Improved endurance not only allows for higher performance in long games or events (iron man, triathletes, marathons and cycling competitions) but the second round of exercise or sport is dramatically improved (tournament situations for example). *See Reference Articles*
  • Upper respiratory tract infections (URTI), colds and flu are a common problem for athletes. Colostrum is demonstrated to significantly reduce infections. This is directly linked to the secretion of antibody (sIgA) to mucosal surfaces. *See Reference Articles*
  • Heat exhaustion and heat induced sickness and fatigue is reduced with colostrum use. This is attributable to reducing gut permeability. *See Reference Articles*

There are some conflicting statements across these references which are largely due to type, quality and quantity of colostrum product used. Immuno-Dynamic's undeniably produces the finest and most consistent whole colostrum product in the world. The body of evidence and our customers' experiences are overwhelming: Supplementation with 1st Milking Colostrum Powder is beneficial for athletes.


Recommended PerCoBa Colostrum Supplements for Athletes

We recommend our Colostrum Powder supplement for most of our athlete friends. Many people also order lozenges to keep in their gym bag and for easy use when traveling.

PerCoBa proudly sponsors the Project 13 Multisport CollectiveRecommended Dosage:
2-4 daily (when not taking the powder)
Powder: 3-6 grams per day (2-4 tsp) twice per day
* Larger amounts may be beneficial for maximum strength and lean mass development

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Reference Articles

Please read these articles for more detailed information about the positive effects of colostrum for athletes.

Recovery post workout

Athletic performance improvements

Body Composition (lean mass)

Improved endurance

Upper respiratory tract infections (URTI)

Heat exhaustion and heat induced sickness and fatigue


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